Jean Gibson, LCSW, PA - Raleigh, NC - Energy Psychology, Traditional Psychotherapy, Holistic Mental Healthcare
Jean Gibson, LCSW, PA - Raleigh, NC - Energy Psychology, Traditional Psychotherapy, Holistic Mental Healthcare

Expand awareness and potential using emotionally freeing approaches from the field of Energy Psychology


Energy Psychology expands the ability to  resolve life difficulties with  emotionally replenishing approaches.  Higher levels of change can be achieved than using talk therapy alone.  The ability to transition to a more positive ways of feeling, thinking and acting are greatly increased.     These treatment approaches are  highly effective for overwhelming traumatic life events  and longer-term emotional growth where  core underlying  emotional issues and limiting  life pattern  can be more adequately addressed.  Live life more fully and abundantly.


Energy psychology approaches come from ancient forms of mind/body healing from other cultures. Emotional experiences  are stored  not only in the mind but also the body. Using this connection, stored up old negative emotional patterns that tend to start up under stress are able to be completely erased or substantially reduced.  Also  the mind/body connection can  be used to support new patterns of  emotional well-being.   Most of the approaches come from Eastern medical and spiritual traditions.  Additional  approaches from other cultures sometimes are included,  such as Hawaiian, American Indian, South and Central American.


The energy centers in the body create an electromagnetic field called the biofield  that emanates and surrounds the body.  This energy connects  with others and also the higher plane of energy.   Positive energy tends to attract others who also have positive energy and vice versa.  Positive energy can also be drawn from the higher plane of energy, which most people consider to be the spiritual level,  or the higher consciousness level.


 Physical, emotional and spiritual energy also called subtle energy  flows through the various energy centers in the body. The most commonly used energy centers in Energy Psychology are the chakras and meridians.  The chakras come from ancient Hindu spiritual traditions.  They run down the center of the body and are related to giant nerve ganglia.  Energy spins out of each chakra and can be checked by holding a pendulum up to each chakra.  The meridians come from Chinese medicine.  There are twelve meridians in the body.  Hundreds of energy points run along each meridian.  These are called accupoints, These also can be checked using scientific equipment.  The energy centers are usually tapped or rubbed to activate them.  When used in conjunction  with talk therapy  rapid often transformational levels of change  occur.


 Issues that can be resolved using energy psychology include  single event trauma such as going through a tornado or a car accident.   Emotional triggers that set off negative emotional responses such as low self esteem, anxiety, depression can also be treated effectively.   Energy psychology  also can be used to calm,  center and focus.   High levels stress can also be reduced  Positive emotional qualities and resources  expand.


Various methods are used to assess and treat life issues using  the subtle energy field.  Intuitive understanding , with  tools to clarify issues and   how to treat them are used. Current life issues can often be more fully understood and resolved by  including, life issues from other times such as past life or ancestral times. Whether these are metaphorical or  actual, most clients find this kind of expansion to be meaningful and tend to feel more complete.


Life enhancing forms of energy healing can also be used to build up positive energy.  Healing Touch, a wonderful approach that includes balancing and restoring life energy  is also used to balance the chakras and replenish the energy field. Healing Touch includes pain treatment and substantial reduction and even elimination of pain can be accomplished.  I have removed pain succesfully from the back, hip, knees, shoulders and neck.   In addition, clarifying and removing various types of detrimental energy and restoring life enhancing energy  corrects depletion and builds  a sense  of well-being.

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing

A lateral eye movement that simulates REM sleep is used to either erase or decrease traumatic memories.  Probably the most scientifically researched approach.


Advanced Integrative Psychotherapy

This approach uses the chakras to release negative emotional  patterns and also can be used to install positive patterns.

Soul Detective Psychotherapy

Restoring soul energy to move forward with one's life with the true self in charge.




Tapping Approaches

Tapping or rubbing accupoints on the meridians.  A variety of approaches, including Emotional Freedom Technique,  to release trauma and restore well-being.

Performance Enhancement

A short-term process to improve performance and overcome performance obstacles.

Achieve goals that have been challenging.

Accomplish personal or professional goals, including:

  • Workplace
  • Creative/Performing Arts
  • Academics
  • Public Speaking
  • Self-improvement



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